Pradeep Sekar

I was introduced to the big world in a tiny city named Bangalore, I got my cultural advantages, multilingual skills and a huge list of friends ( Perks of being a nomadian in the modern world ).

This traveling instilled in me a craving to capture moments that I could show the world how I perceive it.

I was gifted my first film camera when I was in 5th grade and I haven’t stopped clicking since then. Prolonged practice in the art form has made me a successful wedding and commercial photographer.

I belong to a traditional south Indian family who believed in the supports of engineering. My passion and efforts toward becoming a photographer did not fade even so. I involved myself with photographic communities and participated in regular photo walks. My captures were displayed in CWC’s consequent exhibitions.

I gave up on my conventional 9-5 job and started my career in photography from 2011. My immense passion for photography led me to become an instructor apart from capturing moments. My dedication and finesse of work got me invitations as a guest lecturer in colleges. My frameworks were chosen at ‘Art Chennai’ exhibition and displayed in a grandiose manner. I am also accredited with the ‘Google Local Guide’ to embed a virtual tour of their business places online. Recently I was employed with the finest in the wedding photography industry Studio A as a Manager and wedding photographer, Now upgrading myself and stepping into the open for more adventures. I take up weddings and commercial photography projects as a continuum of my passion.

I believe that my quality stems from being emotionally connected to the people I interact with. Keeping you happy keeps me happy.

Pradeep Sekar

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