It is difficult to put a bridle on the excitement whirling around a wedding, what with all the bright lights and decorations, meeting friends and relatives, the appetizing wedding food and especially the sentiment of a new life that awaits the couple. No matter what theme or type of wedding you decide to have, I make sure to capture all those precious moments on your special day and convert them to beautiful memories that you can relive through my albums.


We all get lured in by the beautiful pictures of the happy and so-in-love couple. I personally believe that every couple needs to have a picture perfect moment for themselves. I love to capture that perfect fairy tale moment on an outdoor shoot, destination shoot and maybe even a small trip around the city.


Industrial photography requires acute precision. Being able to handle oneself and bring out the aesthetics of hazardous environment to light is something I am proficient at. From small-scale industry to a giant, reflecting your skillful operations is what I do.


The fashion industry, I believe is constantly evolving with creativity at its core. My photojournalistic vision will be the perfect lens to capture that couture shot.

I also take up commercial photography to advertise and highlight your product and service to the every growing market.


Wouldn’t you love to have that perfect picture of your baby? The picture that portrays to the world the way you see your baby, a beautiful little angel!

The most beautiful thing about toddlers is that they express their emotions. Be it a beautiful smile, a hearty laugh, temper tantrum or a loud cry it is always pure and genuine, not to mention the cuteness they bring to the frame. Allow me to capture your babies in all their glory, so you can cherish the moments for the entire of your lifetime.


In a world that is run by imagery, posting a creative and unique image of your product will add to its appeal element. My versatile mode of thought process and creation will help capture your product in a splendid light, be it clothing, jewelry, furniture and others.


My experience in working on various indoor photoshoots for the purpose of interior and architecture, I have come to perceive and admire beauty in the simplest of things. Be it a simple office or a grand house, I make sure to exhibit even the smallest of details in their best light.


You could be an amazing cook and the food could be nothing less of mouth-watering, but the pictures you publicise is equally important for the crowd to migrate towards you. Clicking pictures of food is not just snapping away with a camera. It involves food styling and creating a perfect framework. Showcase your gourmet food through me and let me contribute to the success of your business.


The very first photo I clicked was on a trip with my parents. Since my childhood days I have been travelling around visiting all major cities as well as remote villages. I have been documenting colourful lifestyles of people and the natural beauty of landscapes and cityscapes. My extensive experience in this vertical combined with my creative skills result in exquisite shots.

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